Kettler Champ 3.0 Indoor Ping Pong Table:


****Kettler is No Longer Carrying this model as of November 1st 2017****


The Kettler Champ 3.0 indoor table tennis table is the little brother to the Champ 5.0 Indoor from Kettler. You will notice right away some of the major differences that set the Champ 3.0 Indoor apart from it’s more expensive sibling. The Kettler Champ 3.0 indoor ping pong table weighs in at over 180 pounds so it’s still heavy duty enough to take on regular use from families. The frame features elliptical steel legs vs the squared off legs on the Champ 5.0. The tabletop is just ¾ inch thick vs the 7/8 inch thick top on the 5.0 indoor. These are just a few of the differences that make the Kettler Champ 3.0 Indoor $700 compared to the $900 that the Kettler Champ 5.0 Indoor costs. Other tables in the same price category of the Champ 3.0 are the Killerspin MyT5 Pocket series, the Butterfly Easifold, a few of the JOOLA’s, and Stiga.


Frame/Design – The frame is supported by 2 ½ inch elliptical steel legs that have a synthetic powder coating and galvanized treatment. This helps protect the table frame from things like scratches and corrosion. The outer edges of the playing surface are supported by the 1 inch aluminum apron. Although not terrible, it’s just not as strong as other aprons we’ve found. You can put the table into playback or storage mode by using the patented Safety Fold and Dual Lock Safety. Push a few buttons and the table safely converts. There are dual 5 ½ inch swiveling wheels (two with locks) that allow you to push the table around easily. There are no leg height adjustments possible on this table. They did not include the adjustable feet on this model.


Playability – The Champ 3.0 Indoor is mid range on playability. The tabletop is considered average from most owners and we would agree. Yes, the table would function just fine for families that just want a ping pong table to enjoy. For those seeking a higher version of the game, with better ball bounce and table adherence, we suggest going with the Champ 5.0 or the Cornilleau indoor models. They have thicker tabletops and better ball bounce. The new Killerspin tables feature pockets on both ends of the table for ball and paddle storage – Kettler puts there’s on the side. The one key feature that this table lacks is the adjustable feet on the legs. Most tables in this price range offer some kind of option to adjust the leg height to get a level playing surface. Imagine carpets or perhaps a sloping floor in your basement or garage. Being able to adjust a corner of the table to get a level tabletop is important. Too bad they didn’t include that.


Assembly – Once again, Kettle is near the bottom in terms of assembly times. Maybe that’s why there tables are cheaper than some of the other brands like Killerspin, Cornilleau and JOOLA. The Kettler Champ 3.0 Indoor takes roughly 2 hours to assemble and requires a second pair of hands for a few minutes. Stay patient and follow the directions that they provide. We try to provide video assembly instructions whenever possible, but at the time of this review, one is not available. By comparison, Killerspin tables are up and running in 20 minutes (not 2 hours).


Advantages – Price is pretty reasonable for families, safety features for folding and unfolding are nice, wheels move the table smoothly, paddle and ball storage is an added bonus.


Disadvantages – No adjustable feet on the legs, tabletop could be thicker for better ball bounce, and assembly time is too long.