Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Tennis Table:

The KillerSpin MyT-O outdoor table for about $1000 is their most popular offering for consumers. You may also hear the table referred to as the Killerspin MyT7 Outdoor and MyT7-O, both of those are former names of the ping pong table. There is also the Killerspin MyT Street Edition – a slightly edgier model with a black tabletop and yellow graffiti on the sides. The Killerspin MyT-O features the aluminum plastic blend tabletop so you get a durable playing surface that will last for years in all weather conditions. We’ve been using our table outdoors at neighborhood parties for years and it has held up well in the rainy climate of Portland, Oregon. Killerspin is based in Chicago, IL and has found a niche in both the indoor and outdoor ping pong table market. The MyT-O and the Street Edition are their only outdoor table tennis tables. Both tables are solid, but not quite as spectacular as the Cornilleau 500M or 510 Pro.

killerspin myt-o outdoor

Frame/Design – The 1 2/5 inch steel frame design is sturdy, durable and holds up extremely well when the table is stored outdoors. The 1 1/4 inch height adjustable steel legs are another great feature. Both the Killerspin MyT-O and the Killerspin MyT Street Edition have almost identical specs if you are looking into either one. The aluminum plastic top is weatherproof and can handle water, snow, or even extreme sun. The basic design allows for quick and easy assembly (15 minutes). Overall the frame is solid and easy to fold up and down for playback mode or storage. Owners have absolutely no complaints for long term durability on the Killerspin models.

killerspin outdoor myt-o

Assembly – The Killerspin tables are the easiest in the industry to put together. They take roughly 15 minutes to complete. Sound too easy? Part of their trick is actually having 2 separate halves to the table that come together as one. They are held together with the net post clamp. Other tables in this category require much more elaborate systems and that also makes assembly a pain in the neck. The Killerspin MyT-O outdoor table is simple to assemble as there are only 8 nuts and bolts to attach. You can watch the video to the right which shows a MyT7 table being assembled. The MyT7 and MyT-O are pretty much the same tables. Two people are required at one point during the assembly process. The only ping pong tables that are as easy to put together are the JOOLA tables.

killerspin myt-o ping pong table

Playability – The weatherproof aluminum-plastic blend playing surface on the Killerspin MyT-O is 4mm thick and does hold up well outdoors. The Chicago based manufacturer provides a tabletop surface that is responsive to a ping pong ball with spin. The big dilemma amongst consumers is which outdoor table to buy since many manufacturers get complaints against their ball bounce. We have found that the Killerspin MyT-O has an above average ball bounce and adherence as compared to the JOOLA Nova DX or the Match 5.0 from Kettler. Is it perfect? Not compared to indoor tables, but really that is not required to enjoy a game of ping pong outdoors. Sure you could spend $1500 on the Cornilleau 500M and get the best bounce in the business along with tons of other great features, but it’s not always necessary. Families that want some backyard entertainment will definitely appreciate this table for the ease of assembly and overall playability.

killerspin myt-o table tennis table

Storage/Movability – The 3 inch caster wheels come with individual locks and the table is very easy to maneuver, even on carpet. We found the table rolls very smoothly on pavement, decks, and patios. The wheels are a bit small for rolling on grass, but it’s possible. When it comes to storage, there is no brand that offers anything more compact than Killerspin. The two halves of the table come together and fit snugly (the net gets removed). At 145 pounds the table is not light, but the wheels allow you to move it effortlessly. For outdoor use, we prefer the heavy duty wheels found on the Cornilleau and Stiga models. Prince and Killerspin offer up great wheels for smooth surfaces, but they are less efficient on uneven surfaces.

killerspin myt-o storage mode

Safety Features – Just a few to mention here. The table folds up safely as the two halves of the table are actually separate pieces. Remove the net post and net and then fold up each side individually. The hinges are smooth and have safety locks to project owners.

killerspin myt outdoor table

Advantages – We really like the design and ease of assembly on the Killerspin MyT-O outdoor table. The playing surface provides adequate bounce and holds up very well in rain, snow, or sun. The leg levelers are a nice touch and the wheels move smoothly on flat surfaces. Compact storage is another benefit for anyone that needs to store the ping pong table in tight spots.

killerspin myt-o playback mode

Disadvantages – The clip on net post system and net could be designed slightly differently. We prefer the design on the Cornilleau 250S which retracts when in storage position. Price is just slightly high on the Killerspin compared to the 250S. A slightly better value might be the Cornilleau when you consider all the features and advantages. We prefer the SoftMat surface on the Cornilleau when playing in the direct sunshine versus the Killerspin finish.