Killerspin Ping Pong Table Assembly:

We sell quite a few Killerspin ping pong tables so we decided to create a video and a page dedicated to the assembly process. Killerspin is perhaps the best manufacturer of table tennis tables when it comes to assembly. No one wants to hassle with a 2+ hour assembly of a new ping pong table and Killerspin figured out a way to eliminate that waste of time. You can literally get your new Killerspin table (all of them except the Revolution Series) up and running in less than 20 minutes.

We have included a video to the right which shows the assembly of the Killerspin MyT4 BluPocket ping pong table. The other indoor and outdoor tables from Killerspin are almost identical in the way they get assembled, so just follow the directions on this page and you should be fine. Killerspin (at the time of this article) doesn’t have assembly videos of their own probably because the process is so easy.

You can see our photos below with how easy it truly is.

img_0182The table comes attached to the wooden pallet, so first things first. Unstrap the boxes from the pallet and open them up.

killerspin-assemblyThe two table halves are stacked on top of each other in the boxes. Open up the first box and slide it off of the one below. Be careful not to scatch up the playing surface side of the new table. I put down the cardboard on the floor to protect it.

killerspin-assembly2Once you get the two table halves separated, you can now start the assembly of the wheel portion to both tabletops.

killerspin-assembly4The wheels are in a separate box, so open it up and make sure to the find the wrench/tool to help assemble them to the frame.

killerspin-assembly-3The arrow above in the image shows where the wheels are inserted into the frame. That is where you will need to insert two screws and bolts. The tool they give you in the box does make it very easy. You can also use your own wrench if you want.

killerspin-assembly5The net is the last piece to the assembly. It comes with it’s own instructions in the box. It’s a little different than other nets we have installed over the years, but still very simple. There are clamps (they call it a ‘clip on’ net) that hold the net to the table and essentially hold the two table halves together. It does work, but it’s not like other tables. Adjust the net as needed – there is a string and beads for tension and height.