Prince PT9 Advantage Outdoor Table Tennis Table:


Prince ping pong tables are fairly common for indoor use, but their outdoor selections are rare. We had the privilege to use the Prince PT9 Advantage outdoor/indoor table recently. The all-weather ping pong table features their Compreg technology tabletop surface that gives you superb playability. The outdoor ping pong table retails for roughly $650 and is in the price category with the JOOLA Nova DX, Kettler Match 5.0, and the Stiga Baja Climate. We think that Prince Advantage outdoor table is superior in many ways to those other tables in this price category and we will go into each feature below. The PT9 Advantage has been around for years and so any customer feedback we get shows the longevity of the tables and how it performs over the long haul.

Prince PT9 Advantage Outdoor

A solid outdoor ping pong table – one of the oldest models that we list.

Frame/Design – The frame is manufactured with 18 gauge steel and the 5 inch horizontal cross bar adds support to the frame. The 1 inch legs are made of steel and feature cross beam supports. The Compreg technology on the top is high density wood that has been soaked and sealed so that when it gets wet it will not warp. The two piece rollaway construction is slightly different than you will see on the Stiga Baja or Kettler Match 5.0. Similar to the Killerspin or JOOLA models, the Prince PT9 Advantage is actually 2 separate table top halves that come together to make one. There are several advantages to this style of table – easy to assembly and makes for very compact storage. The heavy–duty net clips on in the middle and essentially holds the 2 tables together. The 4 outside legs have leg levelers so you can adjust the feet on the legs and get a level playing surface whether on pavement, dirt, or grass. The 1 ½ inch steel apron that goes around the entire table provides even more support for the Compreg top. The top is designed to resist water and handle extreme temperatures.

Prince PT9 Advantage

Wheels are some of the best we have seen. Smooth transports and storage.

Assembly – One of the biggest bonuses of the 2 piece tabletop rollaway construction is that assembly is very easy. The assembly on the PT9 Advantage from Prince takes roughly 15 minutes. Yes, you heard that right. When the Kettler Match 5.0 and Stiga Baja take over 2 hours you’ll wonder how Prince manufactures such a nice table that requires so little assembly time. Assembly is similar to the JOOLA Nova DX and the Killerspin models – fast and easy.

Prince PT9 Advantage

High quality net system that holds ups outdoors. Weatherproof materials.

Playability – As we mentioned above, the Compreg tabletop on the Prince is weatherproof. Although the table is considered an indoor/outdoor model, we have used ours predominantly outdoors over the last 5 years and so it has taken plenty of abuse from the weather. The blue top features white painted lines and provides a true bounce. Even if it rains on the ping pong table, once it dries off it plays as good as new again. We have heard some customers complain about tabletops that arrive warped or damaged (that’s a problem with manufacturing or shipping). On the other hand, we have not heard of anyone having a table warp over time. Be sure to inspect the tabletop when it arrives at your house or company and make sure it’s completely level/flat. The table is sturdy and our shots rebounded of the playing surface much like an indoor table would. We see the Prince Advantage at resorts and bars quite often and they always seems to hold up fine even with daily use.

Prince PT9 Advantage

Corner protection that saves the table from chipping.

Safety Features – We feel like the hinges are safe, although we prefer the Killerspin and Cornilleau outdoor tables that offer superior safety mechanisms for raising and lowering your table. The Prince Advantage does have corner padding – great for protecting kids from hitting the corners of the table if they are running around it. The corners pads are also effective at stopping paddles from denting or cracking the tabletop too. The locking mechanism on the wheels will keep the table securely in place so no risk of it moving suddenly.


Storage/Mobility – Want to move the table around your yard or into the courtyard at your office? The 4 inch rubber wheels make it very maneuverable on almost all surfaces. The wheels feature a locking mechanism so once you have the table where you want it, just lock the wheels into place. The table is simple to get into playback mode or storage mode with just one person. It easily folds up and glides around with the smooth wheels. We’ve included photos showing the table both in playback mode and storage. You’ll notice how compact the table can be in storage mode as the separate halves get much closer together than with traditional tables like the Cornilleau or Kettlers. The net does come off when the Prince PT9 is in full storage mode.

prince pt9 advantage

Advantages – We like the price, the solid Compreg weatherproof tabletop surfaces, the leg levelers, and the ease of assembly. For any parent that dreads having to tediously put together a ping pong table, think again with the Prince outdoor model. 15 minutes is much easier than say 2 hours on Christmas Eve. The Prince Advantage plays superior to the JOOLA Nova DX in our experience. Both are easy to assembly and store, so it comes down to price and tabletop surface. The Prince offers just a few extras for the added $150. We give it 4 out of 5 stars. GET LATEST SALES PRICE HERE

Prince PT9 Advantage

Disadvantages – The only negative complaints we could find online for this particular model were related to quality control with either manufacturing or shipping. Those are both areas that Prince needs to improve upon. No one wants to hassle with unloading a heavy ping pong table only to find that the top is already warped or damaged in transit. The table top has held up beautifully in the rain and sun for us, but we understand that is not the situation for everyone. Ideally, buy the table at a local retailer so you can transport the boxes home in a truck and make sure it arrives safe. The other drawback might be the 2 separate playing halves and how the net is attached. There are times where the playing surface just isn’t level and it’s hard to get the net attached properly in those situations.