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Cornilleau 400M

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(84 customer reviews)

The Cornilleau 400M outdoor ping pong table is a very solid investment for those looking to enjoy table tennis outdoors for years. Very similar in design and playability to the 600X from Cornilleau, the 400M only has a few differences. The main difference, although slight, is the 6mm resin laminate surface versus the 7mm offered on the 600X. With a 10 year warranty on the tabletop and frame, you are definitely buying piece of mind with this table. The table holds up in all climates – rain, humidity, cold winters, sun, frost, etc. Completely weatherproof and durable. One of our favorites for family recreational play.

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  • 6mm Resin Laminate Surface with Glare Reduction (10x)
  • Weatherproof/Durable
  • Safe and Easy to fold for Storage or Playback
  • Wheelchair Friendly, Galvanized Steel Frame, Adjustable legs
  • Larger double-wheels (almost 8″) with notched tread
  • Folds compactly for storage at 62” H x 64” W x 30” D

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Blue, Gray

84 reviews for Cornilleau 400M

  1. Vahram D. (verified owner)

    It came out great, I just finished putting it together. (Sylmar CA)

  2. Jennifer B. (verified owner)

    Our associates really enjoy the table and have small tournaments during break! (Roanoke TX)

  3. Gabriel H. (verified owner)

    We celebrated and enjoyed the new table immensely this evening!! (Oakland CA)

  4. Steven F.

    All is well with my Cornilleau 400M. We are very much enjoying it. There was a small piece missing. It was a type of lock washer that holds the wheels on. Three of the wheels had it, just one of the wheels was missing it but, it seems to be ok. Thank you! (Lincroft NJ)

  5. Kathleen Z. (verified owner)

    We love the table! We have had a lot of fun with it.. The wheels don’t lock but we manage (East Islip NY)

  6. David D. (verified owner)

    I generally don’t reply to requests like this. But, this is a great table. It looks and plays amazing. We move the table inside and out easily and it folds up quickly and easily. We play every day and has become what we do as a family. This table is worth every penny. Thank you (Hampstead NH)

  7. Ashley N. (verified owner)

    Hi Kevin, we love our Cornilleau 400M that we bought from you (San Diego CA)

  8. Marc N. (verified owner)

    Everything worked out. The only problem I had assembling was three screws on each leg; they don’t thread all the way through. The part numbers for a couple of the screws were different than what was on YouTube (Middle Village NY)

  9. Martina B. (verified owner)

    We have our beautiful table and played a couple games after a boiling hot afternoon of assembly. Very happy. Thank you for all your help making it happen! (Charlotte NC)

  10. Chin L. (verified owner)

    Thanks for checking in on our experience with the table. It arrived, albeit longer than I had anticipated. I was able to put together the table without too much trouble and the video link was very helpful. I have to say that it just took a long time to put the table together. Once assembled, it worked well and we’ve been able to enjoy the table prior to the recent fires. Once the air is better and the weather a bit cooler, we hope to get back to using it regularly. (Danville CA)

  11. Gary D. (verified owner)

    Yes it is great. Thanks. (Cupertino CA)

  12. Jason K. (verified owner)

    Sorry, I’ve been meaning to let you know everything worked out great. The table turned out to be undamaged, thanks to the cut-up wood table they used for packing. I was concerned seeing the blue paint from the cut-up table being damaged and on the first layer of packaging. The bounce on the table is different from what we’re used to, but is probably a more true bounce. (Camarillo CA)

  13. Josh C.

    Table was received and put together yesterday. Plays great. (Ladera Ranch CA)

  14. Justin C. (verified owner)

    The table arrived in good shape on Friday. Thank for arranging delivery in time. Setup was a breeze, made especially easy with the video. Although I did have to drill some holes larger in the leg steel poles so the screws would screw in. The bag of screws was the only one without a label so looks like they may have changed them. Anyway, we absolutely love this table and our family and friends are very jealous. (Ramona CA)

  15. Jawad M. (verified owner)

    Thanks for your message. Yes, we have the table set up on our second-floor terrace and have been enjoying it. Assembly was straight forward and the table quality appears to be quite good. The only “problem” we now have is that we are losing balls bouncing off to neighbor’s back/side yards – so we need some sort of net to keep the balls on our terrace (Golden CO)

  16. Iain M. (verified owner)

    We are enjoying the TT table immensely. It is a breeze to set up and take down – I have two boys still at home, it’s getting a lot of action! (Naples FL)

  17. Sara W. (verified owner)

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for checking in. It’s amazing and we’re really pleased. Packaging came in good shape and set up was easy. Table is great quality and is making for hours of enjoyment amidst the pandemic. Thanks! (Bellevue WA)

  18. Chuck M.

    The table is fantastic. Just what we needed for our extra Covid time. The table went together very smoothly and was very straightforward. We love the ability to move between our backyard and garage — the wheels are sturdy and make negotiating the side of our house a breeze. Most importantly, the bounce is near perfect. Overall, we’re very happy with the table and look forward to many years ahead with it (Thousand Oaks CA)

  19. Harry C. (verified owner)

    Kevin, we received our Cornilleau 400 Crossover ping pong table and are LOVING it! (San Anselmo CA)

  20. Justin H. (verified owner)

    I received the legs today – was able to quickly finish the assembly and play a few games with my  son during lunch.  I think we are all set.  Thanks for the support, (El Dorado Hills, CA)

  21. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

    Can’t tell you how happy we are. The set up was as advertised and we have been having a ball. My wife wants me to ask if we can get a deal on a second one for our house in Maine. Is there a slightly cheaper model that is still good quality and fun? (Belmont MA)

  22. Christina G. (verified owner)

    Hi Kevin – thanks for checking in! The table is perfect — we absolutely love it!! The quality is impressive – we look forward to enjoying this table for many, many years. I think it took roughly 90 minutes to assemble, but we were expecting that. After that, though, everything has been easy. We are extremely pleased with our purchase — thank you again for helping us hone in on the right model for us. (Hunt Valley MD)

  23. Will L. (verified owner)

    Thanks Kevin.  We are set up and loving it!  Thanks for checking in (Midland TX)

  24. Robert W. (verified owner)

    All good.  Thank u! (Bridgeport CT)

  25. Betty V. (verified owner)

    My son-in-law put the table together for us yesterday, so we are up and running, actually I am running after the ball, I noticed the table itself did not magically enable me to play, so lots of practice is in store for me. It went together beautifully and is in place in the back yard (patio). It looks nice and we love how it folds up so easily; if a day of rain is predicted should we fold it up and cover it or just leave it out if it is only for a day or so? I am predicting lots of fun this summer, even though it may not be with friends yet, depending on covid, but that will give me some time to practice. I appreciate all your help, you made this easy. If word of mouth is good advertisement, we will certainly be telling others about your product and service (Edmonds WA)

  26. Jeff S. (verified owner)

    I was able to pick up the table yesterday and fortunately it fit in my minivan. I got the table set up and the whole family was able to have a great time last night celebrating my son’s birthday. Thanks for helping make it happen. I had only one issue with the assembly. I had a hard time seating the 2 screws on each leg that do not have nuts (see attached picture). Each leg has three screws – the center screw has a nut on it, but the top and bottom thread into the opposite post. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get these screws to go down all the way and I was afraid it I tried harder I would strip the screw. Have you had other customers with a similar problem? As the screw wasn’t loose and the leg seemed to be solid, I didn’t think it would ultimately be an issue. Any suggestions? By the way, I got the paddles and balls in the mail today. Thanks again for your help (Morristown NJ)

  27. Kari K. (verified owner)

    We love it. Thanks for all your help!! It’s set up and our kids play it every day. It’s easy to fold up and roll out of the way. It’s perfect. shipping and delivery was great. Thanks. (Provo UT)

  28. Alek F. (verified owner)

    It’s set up and it’s great. Easy to move, fold up. We’ve had some heavy rains and no issue. My son is loving it and getting better every day. One thing I noticed – when it gets folded down, it sometimes the table doesn’t come up completely on all sides, and it takes a little lift on each side near the net to get level. Not sure if that’s just a common thing or an install defect on my part. It doesn’t interfere with our enjoyment at all (Brooklyn NY)

  29. Holly B. (verified owner)

    Yes! We received it and love it! I’ve already passed your Information to a few friends. Although they haven’t actually seen the table -they knew we got one and asked.  (Coppell TX)

  30. Casey R. (verified owner)

    I got the table built yesterday! It has an amazing build quality. Very easy to unfold and fold to put away by myself. Excited to play soon. Going to order a ping pong robot to play with during quarantine (Allston MA)

  31. Carrie N. (verified owner)

    it’s been awesome playing! So nice for our family to have something fun to do together. (Lyle, MN)

  32. Satish J. (verified owner)

    I got the table and did the setup. Everything looks good. My son and I have been playing on it for a little over a week now. I should say we’re enjoying it quite a bit and as you see it turned out to be a saving grace during these crazy times (Carlsbad CA)

  33. Andy W. (verified owner)

    Thanks for checking. We’ve had it assembled for over a week or so and has come in real handy for this self isolation. We have really enjoyed the table. The delivery was excellent right to our garage. Assembly was way easier than I expected and took less than 2 hours. My only minor complaint with the table is there is way more plastic parts than I expected but overall, it is really sturdy and seems well made. I am happy with the purchase. (Boise ID)

  34. Cara P. (verified owner)

    Had an issue with the gear box but Kevin helped us get a replacement. Overall a great table for the club! (Ann Arbor MI)

  35. Pat S. (verified owner)

    Hi Kevin My family and I couldn’t be happier with the ping pong table. Putting the table together was straight forward and the video was very helpful. I bought a Newgy robot and use the table daily in an effort to get better quickly and beat all my friends. My wife and daughter love to play mostly on the weekends. My daughter never played before and has improved quickly. This has turned out to be a great winter time family activity. We love how easy the table is to set up and move. Also, the way the net operates is really slick. The only negative is how easy the table top gets marked if you hit it with your paddle. The marks are permanent but superficial and do not affect play. The delivery company and movers were great. Thanks for all your help! (Grove City PA)

  36. Gautum S. (verified owner)

    Kevin, it’s been a good buy.  We are very happy with it.  I am so glad that I went through you to get.  You are such a good seller/entrepreneur to care so much! (Santa Monica CA)

  37. Marc S. (verified owner)

    I had it set up in a day. One side sometimes pops out of the groove when we fold it down. It was used by a household during Thanksgiving (Ponte Vedra, FL)

  38. David S. (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let you know that I finally got the Cornilleau 400M assembled and got to play on it today. The table is very nice and I really like how easy it is to fold and unfold and move around and level. I think it was a very good choice and greatly appreciate your help in picking an excellent outdoor table. However, the assembly was quite difficult and took a whole day for me to complete with help from a second person of course. The lack of words in the video or the manual to assist in understanding the assembly instructions is unfortunate. There is room for improvement here. Thanks again for helping me pick a table that I think I will get many years of enjoyment from! (Los Altos Hills, CA)

  39. Brian E (verified owner)

    Not happy with delivery service – showed up late. Otherwise, table is good (San Diego CA)

  40. Matt P. (verified owner)

    Yup, all setup and going strong. The students (grades 4-8) love it. I love it because I can easily wheel it out and set it up. The table seems strong and well made. It definitely has great bounce and a perfect net setup. The only thing I would change is to supply an extra screw or three. I did not need any. Cheap goodwill. (Corte Madera CA – Marin Country Day School)

  41. Andrew F. (verified owner)

    Hi Kevin, yes, we got it set up fine and have been using it a lot…it’s great! (Topanga CA)

  42. David N. (verified owner)

    After getting past the delivery drama we are all set up and using the table regularly. Assembly took longer then expected even with the video – and I am pretty handy. But it is functioning well and seems sturdy. At first I was folding and covering daily but after a few days of that I decided to just leave it open all the time. It will get used more that way. Once we have the time change in October and it gets dark early and colder we probably won’t use it as much and I will go back to covering it when not in use. Thanks for checking in! (Oakland CA)

  43. Angel C. (verified owner)

    All set up and working great. Thanks! (Tahoe City CA)

  44. Ari E. (verified owner)

    Hi, Kevin. We’re really enjoying the table. It’s very nice. Was definitely not easy to set-up. Probably took the better part of 2.5 hours for the four of us to put it together. The diagrams that come in the box are quite confusing. But, we got it done and are enjoying the table! (Encino, CA)

  45. Andrew F.

    It has been a great addition to the hotel. Groups and guests of all ages and back ground love it. Last weekend we had an Asian rowing team playing against Subaru racers and a construction crew. Once I have some testimonials I will share them with you. I was a little hesitant but guests love it. – Portland, OR (Best Western Inn at the Meadows)

  46. David L. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the table. I was most concerned about the bounce and how well it holds up in the weather. It bounces great (!), nice net system, like the paddle and ball storage, and easy to fold up and move around. In fact, I just emailed your website and our model to someone looking for a table. The only thing that was difficult for me was some of the screws that require a very large Philips bit and strip far too easily. It was difficult for me to get those screws tightened fully without stripping (and no extras.) I’ve had enough experience with that, but I’ll bet some people mess that up on assembly. Otherwise no problems on assembly and the video was a great help. Had to have my wife help just a tiny bit. Thanks again, I was very impressed with your service and website. (Portland, OR)

  47. Kim B. (verified owner)

    I received the table and it is built and in use. The people who really know how to play love it. Much better rebound characteristics than our old table. I have played on it twice and find it to be just about the same as the tables at Smith where I play Sept to June. Durability of the table over time will be the key for me for the Swim Club. Thanks for your help and your product!! (Leeds, MA)

  48. Jim C.

    We have it all together and looks great and plays great (Fresno CA)

  49. Elise P. (verified owner)

    The table is set up and seems to be working great. (Washington DC)

  50. Rachelle K. (verified owner)

    The table is perfect! Our family loves it & it’s all set up – currently in the garage but now that the weather is warming we’ll be rolling it to the patio for some summer play. Your customer service is remarkable & we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the great table! (Kirkland, WA)

  51. Alfred S. (verified owner)

    Received and built! looks great! Kevin, The table is awesome, we especially like how easy it is to open/ close and move the table around. Thanks for all your help! (Brooklyn NY)

  52. Jonathan S.

    We got everything assembled and played on the table over the weekend. At this point the only thing that may need to be replaced is the net, there is a small tear. (Missouri City TX)

  53. Akil W. (verified owner)

    Yes we have the table all set up and we love it! Thank you! (Encino, CA)

  54. Kirk P. (verified owner)

    Overall, the order worked out very well for us! The table is of high quality for the recreational user, and, thus far, the mechanism(s) for collapse and expansion has worked well. Your admonitions about inspection upon delivery were valuable. I assembled the table myself, using one other pair of hands toward the end when picking up the two surface halves required that. Careful study of the instructions before and during assembly was vital! I would also recommend that the “owner” assemble the table — one then has a much better understanding of its components and their potential malfunction. I would emphasize to customers the importance of the wrenches and screw-drivers that are required. I very much appreciated the reliable communication with you, both before and after the purchase was made. (Rancho Santa Fe CA)

  55. Jamie S. (verified owner)

    So far so good. Its been a bit cold in NY so haven’t played as much but the table and paddles seem to be awesome. (Locust Valley, NY)

  56. Eileen M.

    We LOVE our table! We didn’t assemble it until right before Christmas. Somehow we managed to attach the legs backwards, where the curve of the leg was facing the wrong direction. It still worked, but the legs didn’t automatically drop down when you were pulling down the side of the table (you had to give them a little tug), and that didn’t seem right. I looked at the photo of the table on the instruction manual, and saw that ours was wrong. So this morning, we took off the legs and switched them, et voila!, it works like a charm. And so, of course, we had to play some ping pong! We have only played ping pong when we go on vacation and there is a ping pong table available. We are going to have so much fun playing more often! (Edmond OK)

  57. Dan C. (verified owner)

    Table is a hit! Delivery was perfect. Set up took some time, but I went slowly and follow directions. Thanks again for your help with the purchase, my Son and whole family are really happy with it. Our cars on the other hand are not, since they’ve been banished to the driveway, so we can play in the garage over the holiday break! 😉 (Cinnaminson, NJ)

  58. Angie L. (verified owner)

    We absolutely love it! We ended up putting it in the shed for the winter just to be cautious. But its awesome. Thanks so much (ROCHESTER NY)

  59. Chuck H. (verified owner)

    Oh yes! Set up and have been using often (Tiburon CA)

  60. Brian D. (verified owner)

    Everything is great. We love it! (SCOTTSDALE, AZ)

  61. Greg R.

    Fairly easy setup, table is great, thank you (Carlsbad CA)

  62. Chaim G. (verified owner)

    I actually just recommended the table to a friend of mine. We really like it. (Lakewood NJ)

  63. Courtney H.

    The residents love it, thank you! (Myrtle Beach SC – The Lively at Carolina Forest)

  64. David M. (verified owner)

    the table is great (McKinney, TX)

  65. Nate A.

    We’re happy with the table. It was a little more effort than I expected on the assembly, but that may have been due in part to having a 5 year old helper. Plays great. Highlight was getting my 75 year old father with advanced Alzheimer’s to play – surprisingly he can still play quite well (Seattle WA)

  66. Jacqueline V.

    They are great! (Los Angeles, CA – Windward School)

  67. Joan R.

    Hi Kevin: They are great and thank you again for your help in expediting the order (Shelter Island NY – Sunset Beach Hotel)

  68. Michael P. (verified owner)

    people using our house love it. (Fawnskin CA)

  69. Lori S. (verified owner)

    I do like the look and the ease of folding up and down.  I also like the ball and paddle storage.  It doesn’t feel cheap. (Cornelius, NC)

  70. Brett M. (verified owner)

    The table has been awesome. so easy to transport from place to place on my property – when i have pool parties i move from under the patio to the grass area so people can play in the open. Very easy to clean, my son who was 10, now 11, can pull up and down one of the sides when he wants to hit the ball against on his own – balanced enough to not be heavy for a child of his size to maneuver. all in all highly recommend this product. zero issues (Scottsdale AZ)

  71. Susan M. (verified owner)

    We LOVE the table!! It took my husband a long time to set it up but once we did it is so easy to get up and down and we just love it!!! The metal piece on the bottom was marked up and I couldn’t get it off but you really don’t notice it so its fine. Thank you!! Hope you and your family have a great Summer!!!!

  72. Joann B. (verified owner)

    We love the table. It’s all we hoped it would be and are glad we bought it. Thanks. (Wesley Chapel FL)

  73. Greg S. (verified owner)

    Kevin, We received the table in a very timely fashion. However just got it up to our cottage, a small island in northern WI. We assembled it this past Wednesday. The instructions were simple to understand and to be honest, up until we finished it, didn’t see how it would open up and function as a table. But, opening it was easy and the table itself was amazing. A great ping pong table. My teenagers spent the rest of the day playing ping pong, introducing me to varieties I had never heard of (sting pong and spin pong, who knew?) A very high quality piece of recreational equipment. Look forward to many years of play. Thanks for a great piece of fun! (Appleton WI)

  74. Carroll M.

    Yes we received it in good shape and really like the table. (Ruidoso NM – Innsbrook Village CC & Resort)

  75. Barry K. (verified owner)

    It seems to be a great table. We’ve played on it in the garage a little bit hopefully this weekend we will get it setup outside. (New City NY)

  76. Leah H.

    We are very pleased with the new table and how easy it was to assemble!  Thank you for working to get it taken care of. (Durango, CO)

  77. Dennis H.

    Amazing. My kids are pumped and so am I. Thanks again for all your help. This was so easy to order with you guys (Kings Park, NY)

  78. April G. (verified owner)

    Thanks Kevin. All positive. A little difficult to put together and the directions were only okay. Otherwise seems great and my husband likes it. Thanks again  (Piedmont, CA)

  79. Chester B. (verified owner)

    Table is great – assembly was fairly straightforward.  Kids love it. Only issue was shipping – my wife actually had to help get the table out of the truck with the driver. (Thibodaux LA)

  80. Jeff P.

    Just wanted to let you know we got the table set up in time for Christmas and it’s a huge hit! The assembly went really well and I’m stoked on how quality a product it seems to be. I appreciate all your personal advice in getting the right table for us and the involvement in the purchase and shipping.

    Thank you so much!! (Santa Barbara, CA)

  81. Jim E.

    Thanks. Arrived Sat. Table assembled and it is great. Thanks. (Groton, CT)

  82. Josh L. (verified owner)

    We put the table together yesterday. Thank you for suggesting to follow along with the video. The video was extremely helpful and watching it made the assembly much easier. (HOUSTON, TX)

  83. Catherine S. (verified owner)

    The table was put together and is in excellent condition. We played it for hours last night. (PRINCETON, NJ)

  84. Lee A. (verified owner)

    Thanks Kevin. We are enjoying the table. It is really nice and well made. (Cave Creek, AZ)

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