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Cornilleau Tacteo 50 (2 player sets)

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The Cornilleau Tacteo 50 paddles are ones that I recommend for families that are just starting to play ping pong. These outdoor ping pong paddles are made with a durable weather resistant material so they last outdoors. They get an above average rating for speed, spin, and control at around 7 out of 10. I find that the Tacteo 50 paddles are best for beginner to recreational players that want to ‘push’ the ball instead of hit with spin. You can still hit with a little spin, but the paddles are great for kids and adults looking for control when they are first starting to play. A great starter set of paddles! If you want something a little better, consider the Nexeo X70s.

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This racket set comes with 2 weatherproof rackets and 6 balls.

The Tacteo 50 racket set is available in Turquoise/White and the rackets offer:
– protection against outdoor conditions and humidity
– a surface which will not peel and is resistant to chipping
– shock resistant to provide extreme durability
– resistance to cold, heat, and UV rays for a long lasting color
– ergonomic handle for comfort and grip
– easy to clean

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