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Killerspin MyT7 Storm


(2 customer reviews)

Killerspin released 3 new outdoor ping pong tables in the Summer of 2016. The Killerspin MyT7 Storm is one of them. The table is definitely eye catching and worth a look if you want to play table tennis outdoors. Ball bounce is average on this table. The 1 year warranty is a bit lacking given the $1200+ price tag. We feel like the Cornilleau Black Code for $1549.99 with a 10 year warranty on their tabletop and frame is worth a look for comparison sake. Cornilleau has a superior bounce.

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  • It’s made out of a unique aluminum-plastic blend that will deliver average quality performance and endure any weather
  • They added a new feature-built in pockets that can store up to eight balls on each side
  • It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble a table, and only seconds to fold, store, and set up again
  • Four individual levelers will let you fine adjust the table top’s height, whether you are by the pool, on the deck, in the grass or inside the house

2 reviews for Killerspin MyT7 Storm

  1. francesca D. (verified owner)

    it rusted a bit and actually is a lil wobbly & uneven…..also the table spotted a bit  …..!!!!  i have tried to take good care of it keeping it covered (Milton MA)

  2. Malik A.

    The table was delivered yesterday and the cover also. The box was damaged and a small bit of paint from the frame has been scuffed off. Nothing to worry about and otherwise the table survived the shipping. I assembled it today in the garage. One of the wheels does not turn and is jammed; seems like a manufacturing defect. Then I got to play. And I was quite disappointed. Most of the surface has a rather ‘dead’ bounce. Is this normal for this table? Or does this sound like a bad table surface? If this is normal, it will take some getting used to, but then there are some places where the ball bounces and just takes off! These spots I figured out are where the frame on the underside comes in contact with the table. This is seriously aggravated during practice play with one half of the table set up vertically – the ball shoots back at you from these spots. And at the edges the ball barely bounces. This variability in the bounce is not going to work. (Redmond, WA)

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