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Cornilleau Tacteo 30 Turquoise (2 player set w/6 balls)

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This racket set includes 2 of the new composite Tacteo 30 rackets and 6 balls. In addition to home use, these rackets are ideal for intensive use in schools, youth clubs, recreational centers and resorts. I find that the Tacteo 30 outdoor paddles are perfect for kids just learning to hit the ball. They are forgiving and don’t require any spin to ‘push’ the ball effectively. I even have some adults swear by these paddles. If you want to move up in your game, consider the Nexeo X70s or Nexeo X90s – these paddles allow you to hit with more spin which ultimately leads to control.

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Years of research and development went into this revolutionary line of rackets. This racket offers weather resistance, durability and innovative design unequalled on the market.

The Tacteo 30 Racket has been specifically developed to withstand extreme conditions:
– protection against outdoor conditions and humidity
– a surface which will not peel and is resistant to chipping
– shock resistant to provide extreme durability
– resistance to cold, heat, and UV rays for a long lasting color
– ergonomic handle for comfort and grip


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