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Cornilleau 400M Outdoor Ping Pong Table

NO LONGER PRODUCED!!! New Model is the Cornilleau 500X!!!

The Cornilleau 400M outdoor ping pong table is a very solid investment for those looking to enjoy table tennis outdoors for years. Very similar in design and playability to the 600X from Cornilleau, the 400M only has a few differences. The main difference, although slight, is the 6mm resin laminate surface versus the 7mm offered on the 600X. You still get excellent rebound from the ball on the hard and dense playing surface. The 400M comes in either a blue or gray colored tabletop. With the MATTOP finish the glare from the sun won’t be an issue. The table sits in a price range all by itself. There are several outdoor table tennis tables priced at around $1200 (the Cornilleau 300X, Kettler Cabo, and Killerspin MyT7 Breeze). Then you have the Cornilleau 600X ($2000) and the Cornilleau 510  ($2100). So the question we will try to answer in our review is – What are the advantages of the Cornilleau 400M over the 300X and how does the 600X separate itself from the 400M?   ADD TO CART

Cornilleau 400M Frame/Design

The table weighs in at about 150 pounds (170 pounds on the 600X) and is well supported with the 1 ¾ inch galvanized steel frame with arched leg design. The legs have a steel insert that reinforces the table and you can adjust leg height level so table levelness and stability are optimized. The permanent weather-resistant polyester net system is adjustable for both height and tension. When the table is closed (for storage), the net automatically swivels and retracts. Want to store your paddles or balls in one spot? Both sides of the table offer storage space for bats (paddles) and balls. The corner protection pads are perfect if you have little ones running around the table. The Cornilleau 400M has the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The 300X has a slightly different frame design and weighs much less than the 400M.

Cornilleau 400M crossover outdoor

Cornilleau 400M Assembly

Assembly is roughly 90 minutes – a small portion of that requires a second person (a stronger adult is best). Overall putting it together is not that difficult, just a little time consuming. We have included a video showing the actual assembly of the Cornilleau 400M outdoor table and strongly suggest that you watch the video so you can closely watch each step. Both the Cornilleau 300X and Cornilleau 600X are similar in terms of assembly time. The only brands with shorter times are Killerspin and JOOLA – although their tables have 1 year warranties and aren’t as stable.

Cornilleau 400M Playability

As we mentioned above, the 6mm resin laminate playing surface is considered near the highest level for recreational ping pong tables. The Cornilleau 600X features a 7mm tabletop thickness and the new 700X Crossover from Cornilleau has a 8mm top. Unless you are an expert player you probably couldn’t tell the difference between the Cornilleau 400M and the 600X. They both deliver excellent ball rebound and you certainly won’t be disappointed. The Cornilleau 400M features an easy to open and close mechanism so that even small children can handle the table safely. The leg levelers allow you to get an even playing surface – just adjust them up or down. We love our Cornilleau 400M and feel like it plays superior to the 300X. The stability of the frame might have something to do with that compared to the Cornilleau 300X.  ORDER HERE

Cornilleau 400M Safety Features

Cornilleau is well recognized in this industry for creating safe ping pong tables. Their Compact Technology folding system makes opening and closing the table very simple. You will see in our photos the red handle on the underside of the table. Just pull on the central release handle and the table opens or closes with ease. The DSI system has 16 locking points and when the table is in full storage or play position it is locked. Safety doesn’t get any better than on the Cornilleau models and you will pay a premium for that. Storage is fairly compact and you can see an image below showing the table in storage mode. We also like the corner protection pads. They not only keep your kids safe but they help keep the table from chipping on the corners. The Cornilleau 600X offers similar protection, but the Cornilleau 300X does not (another reason the 300X is cheaper than the 400M).

Cornilleau 400M Storage/Movability

The 6” double wheel casters feature notched treads so you get superior grip on surfaces like grass or dirt. We’ve moved ours around the backyard patio and up and down a slight decline without any issues. The wheels are tough enough they should hold up for many years to come. The wheels also come with brakes – added safety measure so the table doesn’t move when in playing position. When you are ready to put the table away, just pull on the central release handle (red handle in photos). You can actually do it one handed which is amazing. Other tables require releasing hinges and more extravagant closing systems. Cornilleau has created a system that is safe and very efficient. Storage is very compact, although the JOOLA and Killerspin models are superior in this area simply because they have 2 separate halves to the table. The one difference between the Cornilleau 400M and the Cornilleau 600X is that the 400M does not have the crossing handle found on the 600X. The upside down U-shaped handle just lets you lift the table easier when going over things like steps, sidewalk edges, and doorways.

Cornilleau 400M Advantages

We’ve been playing on the Cornilleau 400M outdoor table for over 5 years now and can attest to the quality manufacturing and engineering that goes into any Cornilleau table. The materials are first rate and we love the safety features on all their tables. The outdoor MATTOP finish gives you superior ball adherence and bounce. If you have the extra $200 then consider the Cornilleau 600X, otherwise this model will serve you just fine. Definitely will hold up to recreational use in homes or more heavy duty use at schools, churches, or work locations. The table has a 10 year warranty on the playing surface and frame. See latest sales price on the Cornilleau 400M here


There is not a lot that we can say against the Cornilleau 400M. Sure, we wish you could assemble it a little faster. The price point makes this one a hard table to directly compare to others since it sits in that sweet spot between $1000 and $1500. The Cornilleau 300X makes an excellent recreational table for casual users. We prefer the 400M, but then again we are avid players that use our tables almost daily.