JOOLA Tour 1800 Table Tennis Table:

The JOOLA Tour 1800 is a step up from the JOOLA 1500 Indoor table. You get a thicker tabletop (very important on the Tour 1800). We have always like the JOOLA (pronounced ‘Yo La) ping pong tables because their assembly is very simple. Having put together dozens of ping pong tables over the years, it’s always nice to see one come through our office that is up and running in less than 20 minutes. JOOLA offers quite a few ping pong tables ranging in price from $400 to $800. Their real high end models are $1500 or more (See the JOOLA 3000SC for example). This table retails for a little over $500 and competes with the Killerspin MyT5 pocket tables, a few of the Stiga tables and the Kettler 3.0 Indoor. Butterfly has some indoor tables like the Easifold Rollaway worth comparing as well. This price zone is very competitive, so many of the features we mention on the JOOLA Tour 1800 are worth noting.


FRAME – The table weighs in at 185 pounds, so the frame definitely needs to be quality in order to support all that weight. The 1 ½ inch diameter steel legs do a nice job of supporting the tabletop and providing a stable setup. This is a two piece table with a dual trolley system down below. There are 2 table halves that essentially come together via the net post. The good news is that with these two piece tables, the assembly is a synch. Most of the frame is already put together by the time it arrives at your house. Just attach the lower trolley section with the wheels and the table is pretty much ready to go. This design feature is common in many tables these days (many Killerspin, Stiga, and now Butterfly). It’s reduced assembly time and kept customers happy. The legs also feature height adjustable levelers so you can get that perfectly level playing surface no matter what. We feel like the JOOLA Tour 1800 has a solid frame that should last for decades if kept indoors. This is an indoor ping pong table.


Playability – Another key feature is the 18mm thick playing surface (made with MDF). You get excellent quality ball bounce and a fast speed of play. The playing surface is a navy blue color so white ping pong balls are easy to see against that background. There are corner protectors which help you from scratching up against the edges. Also, you can lock 4 of the caster wheels, so the table stays in place once you have it setup. No need to worry about it rolling around while in play mode. Many tables in this price range offer between 15 and 20 mm tabletop thicknesses. Traditionally, the thicker the tabletop the better the ball bounce. The JOOLA Tour 1800 at 18mm thickness is mid-range on this feature and great for recreational players.


Assembly – With a 20 minute assembly time, the JOOLA 1800 Tour ping pong table will make the person putting it together very happy. The dual carriage design with 2 table halves keeps things easy and simple. The two halves simply have the legs open up and then you attach the wheel section (we have a video on the Killerspin tables that are almost identical if you want to see it). Once the wheels are secured to the legs/frame, then attach the net and you are ready to play some ping pong. A+ for ease of assembly.


Advantages – As noted above, easy assembly is a huge plus. We like the 18mm playing surface and easy to maneuver caster wheels. In our test garage the table moved smoothly on the concrete flooring and we like how compact storage mode is. The tables will make a great addition to any garage, family room, basement, company recreation room or school. Excellent quality for the money.


Disadvantages – The only negative reviews (very few) we found online for things like poor customer service from JOOLA. Several people had issues with either missing parts or missing hardware accessories and getting replacements was difficult. We have found JOOLA to be easy to work with through the entire purchase to shipping process. We will say that the JOOLA Tour 2500 may be worth the upgrade since you get a solid 250 pound table with a 25mm (1 inch thick) tabletop. Depends on your budget.