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  • Killerspin MyT10 Blackstorm Outdoor

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
    (1 customer reviews)
    The top of the line outdoor table from Killerspin. Their sleek design with an all black table is changing the way we all look at ping pong tables. The Killerspin MyT10 Blackstorm is easy to assemble and looks great in any environment. We wish the 1 year warranty was better since other manufacturers of outdoor tables offer up to 10 year warranties on their tabletops. The wheels are small too, might be an issue for those that want to move around on dirt, gravel, or uneven surfaces. For the money you might be better off with the Kettler Outdoor 10 or Cornilleau Black Code. They are both listed on our site with superior warranties, ball bounce, and durability.
  • The Killerspin MyT7 Breeze outdoor ping pong table is a new addition as of the Summer of 2016. The MyT7 Breeze is a beautiful outdoor ping pong table from Killerspin that offers a weatherproof design and good looks. The Killerspin tables are easy to put together and ball bounce is average for an outdoor table. The 1 year warranty could be better since the table is almost $1000. For a quick comparison, check out the Cornilleau 250S which comes with a 10 year warranty on the tabletop and frame for just a few dollars more. The Cornilleau tables are made with a superior tabletop material and provide better ball bounce.
  • Killerspin MyT7 Storm

    Rated 2.00 out of 5
    (2 customer reviews)
    Killerspin released 3 new outdoor ping pong tables in the Summer of 2016. The Killerspin MyT7 Storm is one of them. The table is definitely eye catching and worth a look if you want to play table tennis outdoors. Ball bounce is average on this table. The 1 year warranty is a bit lacking given the $1200+ price tag. We feel like the Cornilleau Black Code for $1549.99 with a 10 year warranty on their tabletop and frame is worth a look for comparison sake. Cornilleau has a superior bounce.


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