Stiga Optimum 30 Ping Pong Table:

The Stiga Optimum 30 is a well designed competition grade ping pong table. We have extensive experience playing on these at the Oregon state ping pong championships held in Tualatin, OR each year. Our local ping pong club (Pips and Bounce) also has several of these models in their bar/club. We know these Stiga ping pong tables hold up to daily wear and tear and are perfect for tournament play. The Stiga Optimum 30 ping pong table stands out due to the 30mm (that’s over an inch thick) tabletop playing surface. Most indoor ping pong tables max out at 25 mm (1 inch), but Stiga went beyond that with this table and it shows in the quality of bounce. The ping pong balls react so beautifully to the tabletop, all types of spin are very effective on these tables. In terms of competition from other brands, models like the Butterfly Centrefold 25, Butterfly Europa 25, Cornilleau 540 Indoor, and the JOOLA Atlanta Blue are all priced about the same ($1400). We will go into the full review below and compare the Stiga Optimum 30 to the other tables mentioned and see how its features hold up.

stiga optimum 30

Frame – Let’s begin by mentioning that the table itself weighs in at about 250 pounds. You are definitely getting a competition grade ping pong table that will hold up in almost any environment besides outdoors. The heavy duty chassis has an independent design which more and more tables are going to. Cornilleau still features a single chassis, but Stiga has chosen to go the route of independent table halves to simplify assembly and make storage both compact and easy. We find that having separate table halves makes portability quite simple. Moving the table around (even at 250 pounds) if smooth and fast with the machine grade casters that feature locks. There is a 2 2/5 inch steel apron that provides the necessary support for the table top. The steel legs also provide plenty of support for the Stiga Optimum 30 – they are 2 2/5” X 1 3/5”. The legs have self opening levelers which come in handy on uneven floors. You are pretty much guaranteed tournament quality play no matter what the floor is like. The Stiga table is easy to put in playback position, storage position, or regular play position.

stiga optimum 30 indoor

Playability – We mentioned the 30mm thick top on the Stiga Optimum 30 ping pong table. The table is superior to most in this price category for evenness and bounce consistency. Stiga pre-treats the top several times and then they coat it with varnish. They mastered this procedure so that the table top provides the perfect frictional coefficient for competitive play at tournaments. The Optimum Bounce Technology is where the table gets the model name from. It is ITTF approved and considered a premium indoor tournament level table. We have found these at the latest SPIN ping pong clubs that started in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. Those owners know a good table when they see one. Overall playability is excellent and your spin shots will react nicely off the playing surface. One of the best we’ve seen in this price range.

stiga optimum 30 ping pong table

Assembly – We have included the assembly video right here on this page. You can watch the video a few times and see there is minimal requirements to get it up and running. You are probably looking at 1 hour to get it going. You have to attached the wheels to the legs, the legs to the frame and a few more parts. The video is excellent at walking you through step by step of the process. You might need a second pair of hands at one point, but overall we consider it to be a fairly easy assembly process. We wish that Stiga would pre-assemble the legs to the frame and make things even easier – perhaps in the future.

stiga optimum 30 storage mode

Safety – There are a few safety mechanisms built into the table. If you watch the assembly video, you will see near the end of it how they show you the release action when opening and closing the table. The safety features are perfect for kids or little ones that might be playing near the table. No one wants to see anyone get hurt around heavy tables like this. Stiga has done enough on the Optimum 30 that we give it a passing mark. Very few tables compare to the 16 point locking system that Cornilleau provides on their tables.

stiga optimum 30 frame

Advantages – The key advantage in our minds is the 30mm table top thickness. This is practically unheard of for any kind of ping pong table (indoor or outdoor). The thickness provides such a true, professional bounce, you’ll be glad you paid a little bit more for the Optimum 30. At around $1400, the Stiga Optimum 30 is not cheap, but for the price you are looking at a indoor ping pong table that will last for a decade or more. When you work out that price on a yearly basis, it’s a great deal. Especially if you want to put it in your ping pong club, school, church, workplace, etc. The table is built like a ‘tank’ and plays perfectly.

playback mode stiga optimum 30

Disadvantages – Not a lot we can talk about with this one. There are a few minor plastic pieces that hold the table together when in play position and those could potentially give way after repeated use. The price is not exactly family friendly, so those looking for a good recreational table for basic play should consider a less expensive option. Stiga makes a bunch of them as well as Killerspin and Kettler. We really like the Killerspin Pocket Series (MyT4, MyT5 and MyT7 options).